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Brand: Pengjie-Model

Model: Mercedes E-class E300l


  • Made of zinc alloy material, safe and environmentally friendly, resistant to falling and playable.
  • The steering wheel is linked to the front wheel and can be flexibly rotated.
  • The doors on both sides of the car can be opened and the interior can be seen very clearly.
  • The wheels are made of rubber and the texture is very clear, which restores the real car to the utmost extent.
  • The car model uses the technology of electrostatic baking varnish, which has a bright appearance and a stronger metallic and glossy feel.

Publisher: Pengjie-Model


Name: Mercedes-Benz E-Class E300L Model / Static Metal Model

Color Type: Black

Ratio: 1:18

Material: Alloy, ABS, Rubber

Car Series: Sports Car, Sedan

Applicable Age: Suitable for 14 years old and above

Uses: Precious collectibles, furniture, gifts, toys, games and many other uses.

Size: 25cm * 11cm * 8cm

Performance: The door and front cover can be opened, the outer casing is made of alloy and the wheels are made of rubber.

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EAN: 6951920026608

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